Mesh Curtains for Fireplace Glass Enclosures – Are they a good option for you?

Wood-burning fireplaces continue to be popular, especially in older homes and where having a gas-burning fireplace isn’t feasible (cabins, for example). Burning wood as a source of heat remains a favorite for many families due to its efficiency at producing heat and it being affordable when compared to gas. The entire fireplace is also less complicated as there are no gas lines, burners, or pilot lights that need to be installed or maintained. There is, however, one glaring drawback to burning wood in your fireplace. Embers. As wood burns, tiny pieces of still-burning wood escape from the conflagration (fire) and become embers.

These embers are, for the most part, harmless. Most of them follow the flow of hot air and smoke up through the chimney and out into the outside air. It’s the embers that try to escape into your home that pose the issue. The few embers that do manage to find their way into your home usually die out before they encounter anything that may be combustible. Occasionally, an ember will land on the floor or carpet and need to be snuffed out. In order to significantly reduce the amount of embers that make their way into your home, we suggest installing a fireplace glass door that is equipped with steel, mesh curtains.

These curtains, available in both black steel and stainless steel, serve the sole purpose of keeping embers where they belong, I.E. in your fireplace. Many believe that just having the glass doors is sufficient protection from embers. This is only partially correct. Fireplace doors are NOT designed to be closed while there is a fire (wood or gas) burning in the fireplace. The reason for this is that even though most doors use tempered glass, there is still a breaking point for the glass if it gets too hot. They are meant only to be closed while the fireplace is not in use and to reduce the amount of back draft that comes down the chimney into your home while the fireplace is not in use. Since the glass doors are meant to be open during fireplace use, the only protection from embers comes from the steel, mesh curtains on your fireplace door.

The standard masonry doors manufactured by Hearth Craft come with black steel mesh curtains with stainless-steel mesh curtains as a special option. The added benefit of stainless steel is its ability to resist corrosion (rust). If you have an existing fireplace door and are considering adding (or replacing) mesh curtains to protect your home from embers, we offer custom-sized curtains, built to your specifications. Visit our “Dealer Locator” tab on our website to find a Hearth Craft dealer near you or give us a call at 1-800-876-7557 for more information on custom mesh curtains for your fireplace.